Meditation for a New Year


As we reach the end of the year I thought it would be a great idea to have a meditative review of the past 12 months and create a positive focus on the year ahead.

Every moment of our lives, even the most uncomfortable and trying times, holds an opportunity for new learning and growth and it’s so important to recognise this.

Equally, the coming months offer the potential for greater awakening to your truth and purpose and a deeper sense of connection and fulfillment. All you need to do is be open and ready to receive and welcome this energy of potential when it arrives.

The topics I will cover in this short meditation are profound and reflect the key themes of Taoist teaching and enlightenment:

  • self-love and self-nurturing, what the Taoists refer to as ‘Ch’ang’.
  • your beliefs, intention and the Law of Attraction, what the Taoists refer to as ‘Te’ and ‘Yi’
  • and finally, healing your Inner-Child and connecting to your true spirit, what the Taoists refer to as ‘Shen’.

If you would like to gain a deeper understanding of these teachings and learn practical techniques to apply them to your life we’ll be exploring these themes in depth at our Spiritual Awakening Retreats in Derbyshire next year and also in our extended Wu Wei Wisdom audio teaching series.

You can listen to the introduction and guided meditation here:

If the audio player above does not work you can also listen here.

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Forget what hurt you but never forget what it taught you


In this teaching I’d like to share my Taoist Wu Wei Wisdom on the affirmation:  ‘Forget what hurt you but never forget what it taught you’.

I’ll explain the value of letting go of past hurt and injustices; why holding on to negative emotions will never work for you; and how to reveal the ‘spiritual blessing’ within every challenging or difficult life situation.

The teaching includes a short guided meditation with powerful affirmations to help you find the lesson within past events and move forward positively with your life.

You can listen to the full teaching and guided meditation here:

If the audio player above does not work you can also listen here.

You can read the full transcript of this teaching below:


‘Forget what hurt you but never forget what it taught you.’

This is a translation of a wonderful Taoist teaching that encourages you to meditate on changing your perception of emotional pain and upset. Remember, you are the creator of your emotions, not the victim of them!

When you rigidly hold onto any negative feelings and emotions associated with a past situation or event this blocks you energetically. So instead of recreating the severe and intense historic pain, look for the blessing of the spiritual lesson that situation offered you.

If you do not learn this spiritual lesson it will re-present itself to you time and again until you do! The Taoists teach this as the “energetic carousel” and you may have noticed or experienced a repeating of a particular negative experience or situation throughout your life in this way.

You can apply this teaching to your life in a number of ways use it to meditate on and re-frame your understanding about any past situations. This could be an event that was profoundly negative and life changing, such as emotional, physical or sexual abuse, or it could be an injustice or unfairness that you encountered, which could be extreme or more subtle – either way the emotional energy of the situation may still linger with you.

Remember, you cannot change the past: what happened has happened, but once you learn the spiritual lesson being offered by that situation you CAN change and control the way you remember, perceive and deal with those events.

In doing this powerful mediation exercise you take back control of the past situation and in turn your energy now also begins to change as you as you reclaim responsibility for your own mind, body and life. You step off the energetic carousel of past events and walk towards your authentic fulfillment and spiritual potential.

Many clients have great difficulty letting go of feelings of hurt or injustice and I always ask them the same question: “why are you holding on?”

Holding on to these feelings will only keep you on the carousel of despair! And most of the time it’s because holding on has become habitual and familiar, not because it is what they would authentically choose to do now – it’s just that they’ve never considered being proactive and taking control of the situation and their emotions.

Once you are able to look past the emotional pain you will experience the awakening to the spiritual lesson being offered and your life and outlook immediately changes.

Your emotional feelings are very important so learn how to use them correctly. Take this opportunity today to step away from any righteous indignation and the “illusion of confusion” and the accompanying intense ‘red light‘ feelings such as: sadness, hurt, anger, guilt or injustice, that your mind creates to keep you trapped on the carousel.

Remember the old wife’s tale: “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!” The only TRUE compensation for injustice and unfairness IS the spiritual lesson being offered.

Never underestimate your ability to deal with and let go of past situations authentically or power of believing in yourself! No one can ever affect your spirit, only you! So, stop isolating yourself and creating a separation from the spiritual oneness of the Tao. Stop focusing on the past and instead align with the balanced and harmonious Wu Wei of being an optimistic realist. Focus on the spiritual radiance that makes you extraordinary, amazing and awesome!

The truth is you are divine, and no emotional pain can ever affect that truth!

Here are some powerful affirmations for you to consider when meditating on uncomfortable or painful life events. If you feel an internal resistance to any of these statements you know there is still a spiritual lesson to be learnt – I hope they offer you new insights…

  • People do not always act how I would like them to – I choose to accept this. I understand they are on their journey;
  • I cannot control other people or situations – I choose to let go and focus only on being the best I can be;
  • Other people may hurt my body and mind but they cannot touch my Spirit;
  • Fairness and justice is a Human concept, balance is Spiritual one – I will always seek balance and harmony in any difficult situation;
  • I will meet challenges in life but I will always cope and grow stronger as a result – I am a survivor.
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Be Mindful of Your Self-Talk, It’s a Conversation with the Universe

Be Mindful of Your Self-Talk it's a Conversation with the Universe

A lady from Montreal recently contacted us on Facebook and sent us a picture of her tattoo of one of our Wu Wei Wisdom quotes: Be mindful of your self-talk it’s a conversation with the Universe. She wrote: ‘Needless to say that your words really resonated with me…enough to put them under my skin forever. (freshly done) Thank you.’

Well, needless to say we were very moved by this. This little saying has attracted a lot of attention and many questions from followers and so we thought we’d spend some time explaining the meaning behind these words.

This post and audio teaching is the first of two parts.

You can listen to our full teaching here:

If the audio player above does not work you can also listen here.

You can read the full transcript of this teaching below:


‘Be mindful of your self-talk it’s a conversation with the Universe.’


This little quote has been very popular and we receive lots of questions about it, so I thought I’d grab David to see he could explain the teaching in more detail.

In a nutshell David, what’s the core message behind this teaching?


Well, I think everyone has an inner-dialogue with themselves throughout the day, but have you ever considered who is doing the talking and who is listening… or the deeper effect this self-talk has on you?

Your internal chatter and the way you talk to yourself is a form of energetic communication or vibration that extends beyond the moment that the dialogue happens as well as the confines of your private internal world. So, although your self-talk may be internalised, private, low-level chatter or background noise for much of the time, your self-talk will ultimately have a profound impact on you.


Can this effect be both negative and positive, depending on what I say to myself?


Yes, and what I’m saying here is that you should be more aware, mindful or careful of the words you use when you talk to yourself.

The Taoists teach that: ‘words are the bricks that build the house you live in’.

I want to inspire you to understand the power of your self-talk so that you can use it wisely and as a force for good in your life.


David, many people are unsure about the origin and nature of their self-talk… and I must admit I’M a little confused about this too. There seems to be several different schools of thought on where this inner-dialogue comes from – so I’d love to know your view on this?


Your internal self-talk is something that happens often without being fully aware of it. It’s your human mind and Ego creating the illusion that it is separate and the controller of you, and therefore somehow able to pass judgment. But how could this be possible because you are whole (I’ll explain more about this ‘wholeness’ in a moment).

Now, your self-talk isn’t always a bad thing, if it comes from a place of love and wholeness rather than separation or hierarchy. It can be used in a very conscious and positively motivating way. Think about athletes psyching themselves up as they prepare for the beginning of a race.


Ok…. this makes sense. I guess it’s also like when a tennis or golf player keeps a ‘winning mind-set’ and a positive inner-dialogue going, even when they may be lagging behind their opponent. Is this right?


Yes, and affirmations can also be used in the same way and can be very effective – if you fully believe what you are affirming and they are truthful.

The problem is that much of our inner-dialogue does not happen so consciously or in such a mindful or self-regulated way. More often than not the inner-voice of your human Ego mind can be very judgmental, critical and negative because it comes from a place of doubt about the unknown and its desire to keep you safe and protected.


I can definitely relate to this! I guess it’s our self-talk that will be saying things like: ‘you’re not good enough’, ‘your unlovable’, ‘you’re too fat’, ‘you made a mess of that’, ‘you’ll never do this’, ‘you’ll never make it’, ‘you can’t cope’…. Is this right?


Yes, this dialogue often goes on without you even being aware of it. Over time, this becomes a pattern of repeated thoughts and self-talk that becomes like a ‘carousel’ – it just goes round in circles endlessly like background music.

The best time to observe your self-talk in full flow is if you wake up in the early hours of the morning – this is what I call the ‘3am mind’. When you’re awake in middle of the night like this have you ever found yourself thinking things like: ‘oh didn’t I do well yesterday’, ‘aren’t I great’, ‘tomorrow I’m going to have a fantastic day’?!…


NO! The chatter in the middle of the night is normally really negative stuff! But then in the morning often everything can seem a lot better – so what’s the problem here?


Over time, and if not questioned and corrected this inner-conversation will cement any doubts about yourself: doubt your abilities and your many beautiful qualities… and doubt the essence, inner-truth and the divine spirit and power of you. When this happens you’ve fallen for the illusion of the human Ego mind – you’re under its spell!

So, you can see how this seemingly insignificant, private, internal conversation can have a profound effect on your health, wellbeing, emotional balance and also your life satisfaction and potential.


Ok, I think I and many other people will be able to recognise the sort of self-talk they have with themselves and that it’s not always very encouraging or helpful.

Many people still believe that their internal dialogue remains purely ‘internal’ though…. but if my self-talk is me just talking to me, how can it also be a conversation with the Universe?


Well, you have to understand that you are more than your human body and mind, and you are certainly greater than the narrowly defined artificial limitations that your human mind and Ego tries to label, control and restrict you with through your self-talk.

The Taoists teach that you are made up of: body, mind and emotions (what the Taoists call ‘Xin’, or heart-mind). These are your human centred or Yang qualities. But you also have a deeper essence, spirit, soul or higher-self – this is the Yin part of you and what the Taoists call ‘Shen’.

It is your Shen that remains your connection to your spiritual and energetic Source even when you are in human form. Remember: you came from Source, you will return to Source (whatever you believe that to be), therefore the essence of you is Source.


I love this concept of Shen David – tell me more!


Imagine your Shen as if it were a beautiful golden light of pure energy that resides within you and is a reflection of the Cosmos.  All the energy, love, abundance of the Comsos can be maintained through this connection IF you allow it. This energetic relationship with the Cosmos is your birthright, it doesn’t have to be earned and it can never be lost, but you do have free will and you can choose to ignore or devalue it.

And this is where your self-talk is vital: the inner-dialogue you have with yourself is also the means of communicating and harmoising with the Universe. It can either strengthen or pull your away from this natural partnership and energetic relationship.


Wow that’s a profound teaching! Let me see if I’ve understood this right: so when my human mind criticises me it’s actually criticising the very essence of me…and if I choose to listen to the negative self-talk or the lies of your Ego without question, this is when I begin to doubt my divine nature, my potential and also reject my relationship to what you call ‘Source’. Is this right?


Yes, and once this happens the natural positive flow of energy between you and the Cosmos that I have spoken about can become blocked and stifled.


So how does this work?


Well, if you accept the principle that everything in the Universe is made up of energy, you will also understand that every thought you have, every word you speak, and every action you take, also has a unique energy and a vibration. This vibration has a life, resonance and power that extends outwards beyond the moment. .

These energetic vibrations are the language and currency of the Cosmos, and your self-talk has an energy, positive or negative, that is received by the Cosmos.


This teaching on energy definitely ties in with modern scientific thinking and quantum physics David. I guess the big unknown remains for me is: what happens once the energy of my self-talk is out there on the Cosmos vibrating away!?


The Cosmos does not have an intelligence and so it cannot interpret, second-guess or pass judgment as to whether the energy and vibration of your self-talk is truthful, authentic or even healthy for you. It simply harmonises and matches with the vibration you send it and then reflects this energy back to you.

The Taoists teach that this is the way of everything in nature and the Universe.


Ok, so what you’re saying David is: you get back what you give out!… Is it really that simple?


Yes, and as my grandmother used to say ‘be careful what you wish for….’!

If you say to yourself ‘I’m useless’, I’m a failure’, ‘I’ll never achieve this’ etc. – guess what you’ll get back?!


David what you’re talking about here sounds a lot like the ‘Law of Attraction’ by another name! Is this right?


Yes, this is something that the Taoists understood and taught many thousands of years ago. They referred to this principle as ‘Yi Tao Qi Tao’, which can be interpreted as: where your intention flows, so the energy or love follows.

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How to Create Profound Life Changes


In this teaching I’m joined by Wu Wei Wisdom co-creator Alex Lees.

Together, we’ll explain how you can manifest real and positive change in your life. We want to give you the courage to step beyond fear and self-doubt.

We’ll offer you some practical tips and advice on how to eliminate the core beliefs that hold you back. Then we’ll look at how you can become clearer and more focused on your true purpose, life goals and dreams and the steps you need to take to turn them into a reality.

You can listen to our full teaching here:

If the audio player above does not work you can also listen here.

You can read the full transcript of this teaching below:



Clients often say to us:

‘I’m unhappy’, ‘I know I need to do things differently’, ‘I really want to change but…’, ‘…I feel stuck’, ‘…I feel overwhelmed by the size of the challenge…’, ‘…I can’t manage this…’ ‘…it’s all too much for me…’

Some believe they’ll never be able to transform their lives. They say things like: ‘I’m too tired to do this…’, ‘I’m too busy…’, ‘I’m not clever enough do this…’, ‘I might as well give up trying now because I’ll never get it right…’, ‘things always go wrong for me…’

Or they believe that they can’t change themselves and their behaviour because it’s their nature, or that negative childhood experiences have moulded them into something that fixed and stuck forever.

Finally, many clients are also fearful of what living THEIR truth may mean for their relationships.  They worry that their partners wouldn’t like it if they changed or that it may upset the people close them.

Do any of these statements or scenarios resonate with you? 

They are typical of the misunderstandings and lies that we all tell ourselves from time to time, so you’re not alone!

These are all incorrect thoughts and beliefs that stop you from living to your happiest, fullest and most authentic potential. So why not choose to let them go and speak your truth today? This power of choice and self-responsibility is yours – it’s a wonderful gift – so use it!

When you release your misguided and limiting thoughts and beliefs, you’ll experience a huge energetic shift to a place of inner-balance and harmony. This what the Taoist teach as ‘Wu Wei‘.

Wu Wei means:

  • Being enough and being at one. Accepting and loving your uniqueness. Not constantly setting unrealistic personal targets or criticising yourself.
  • Being creative, resourceful and able to authentically manage any life situation. Not undermining your self-worth and potential just so you can avoid uncomfortable the ‘red light’ feelings that unfamiliar or challenging life situations may present.
  • Being authentic and honest with yourself and others. Not compromising your truth, true spirit, or what the Taoists call ‘Shen’, just so you can please or placate others.
  • Living with integrity.

For some clients this shift can happen instantly, almost like flicking a switch. For others it can take a little more time as we may be uncovering decades or a lifetime of lies and misunderstandings and also dealing with the elaborate avoidance strategies they have created to protect and keep these incorrect beliefs. Once we’ve exposed these beliefs then they can then make the personal choice to let them go. They can choose to begin to live authentically and truthfully.

You too can do this right now!

Here’s some practical tips to get you started….

1] Be more real and realistic  

If you want to make changes in your life, first make sure your goals are REAL – by this we mean that they belong to you and reflect your authentic truth.

So they’re not what you think you OUGHT TO be doing when you compare yourself to you friends, peers or people you see in magazines. They’re also not what you think you SHOULD be achieving, to please others… to meet their expectations….or to ‘prove yourself’ to some kind of ‘faceless jury’!

Your life change or goal could be something really huge. Only YOU have the power to place limitations on yourself.  Never be intimidated by your own greatness.

Or your life change or goal could be really simple, stripped-back and low-key. Don’t think that you’re a lesser person for not chasing fame and fortune if it’s not your true calling. Remember you’re already divine and magical, so just follow your dream!

Once you have your goal set then it’s time to get REALISTIC.

Now we don’t mean compromising or chipping away at your dreams but instead stepping away from the bigger picture of the end goal and thinking: ‘OK what can I realistically achieve this year?….

Then break it down some more and ask yourself: ‘what can I realistically achieve this month, this week, today?’ Do this exercise truthfully and honestly.

By setting realistic targets like this you avoid overwhelming yourself with the size of the task and you start to achieve small but valuable steps towards success. There is great power in making and keeping a small promise to yourself every day!

You’re no longer setting yourself up for failure or feeling like you’re on a relentless uphill climb and struggle. You’re beginning to focus less on the destination and more on simply enjoying the journey And guess what? You’re now also pausing to take in the beautiful view along the way!

This takes us on to our next tip…

2] Be grateful

Recognising your progress and your successes, no matter how small, is vitally important as you begin to take self-responsibility for your change in your life. You need to become your own cheerleader and supporter on this adventure of self-discovery.

Equally important is taking the learning and value, or what the Taoists call ‘the blessing’, from anything that doesn’t work out quite as you expected or wanted, or the setbacks you encounter.

Keeping a daily journal is a perfect way to do this. Perhaps just before you go to bed take out your journal or notebook and write down the positives and negatives of the day. At first it will be much easier to write down all the negative stuff, but for every negative there must ALWAYS be a positive – this is the way of all things – this is Yin and Yang.

So take time to identify these positives – don’t stop until the list is balanced, realistic and fair to you. Then congratulate and be proud of yourself for any personal achievements or progress made no matter how small. Be kind and loving and supportive to yourself as you acknowledge any negatives. Take the learning – this is a learning situation. Ask where is the love in this situation or outcome for me?

And remember: life always offers you a second chance – it’s called tomorrow! 

And our final tip

 3] Be more mindful

By meditating or focusing inwards for even 5 minutes a day you can quieten the chatter of your mind, take control of your thinking and tap into your inner wisdom, creativity and resourcefulness.

Once you learn the simple practice of pressing the ‘pause button’ like this you’ll be able to empty your mind of all the misunderstandings, worries and fears that crowd out the voice of your authentic truth.

Over time you can also introduce some self-enquiry questions into your daily meditations – asking yourself just three letters: W-H-Y, ‘why?’…  This will start a dialogue with your softer ‘Yin Spirit’, your ‘authentic-self’, your ‘inner-self’, or ‘inner-child.

This is the part of you that has become quieter, more subdued and yielded to the misunderstandings, untruths and unrealistic and critical demands of your Yang Ego mind.

We can practice this right now….

So perhaps find a place where you won’t be disturbed for the next 5 minutes, then sit comfortably in your chair, drop your shoulders, breathe deeply and rhythmically.

Now start to observe and focus you attention on your breath…

If you mind gets distracted by any thoughts just allow them to float in but don’t hold onto them. They are not for now… let them go like fluffy clouds phasing in a blue sky…

When you’ve found a place of inner stillness and settled your monkey- mind chatter now you can begin a dialogue with your authentic inner-self…

Now you can start a dialogue with the magical divine part of yourself…

Ask yourself:

  • Am I reacting to life, external situations or other people rather taking control of my own destiny?
  • What are the harmful misunderstandings and lies are blocking me?
  • What is stopping me from letting go of these negative thoughts and beliefs?
  • Who would I be without these lies and misunderstandings? What would I be doing right now? What would my life be like?…. 


This is your life, you mind, your destiny. Achieving profound change in your life is not fairy tale or an unrealistic dream. Once you take control of your mind-set, your thoughts and beliefs ANYTHING is possible.

We believe in you – you can do this!

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5 Tao Tips for Summertime Health

8-Tao-Tips-for-Summertime-HealthFollow the advice of the ancient Taoists and attune your mind, body and spirit to the exuberant energy and bountiful qualities of the summer season.

Traditional Chinese medicine practices and the philosophical and spiritual wisdom of the Tao provide an abundance of guidance on how to self-nurture and harmonise with nature throughout the year.

Taoists associate the summer season with the forceful Yang Fire element, the energy of the Heart, Pericardium and Small Intestines, and the emotions of joy and passion. If attuned to correctly, summer can be a super-charged and powerfully positive time of year.

Be warned though: if your Yang Fire energy transforms into excess it can leave you feeling totally flat, burned out, restless, tense and irritable. So, like all energy, the Yang Fire of summer needs to be kept in check to ensure you navigate these months in your Wu Wei sweet spot of flow, harmony and synchronicity.

Here’s 5 simple tips to help keep you healthy, happy and in your Wu Wei balance this summer:

1. Work with the cycle of the sun

Take advantage of the longer summer days by rising earlier and going to bed later. Find harmony within this change of routine by also taking an extra power-nap or short rest around lunchtime – this creates a great opportunity for a midday mindfulness meditation pick-me-up! Practising the beautiful Taoist Inner Smile Meditation is perfect way to send nurturing love and attention to your Heart and all your other organs at this time of year. [Listen to my guided Taoist Inner Smile Meditation here]


2. Be in nature

Enjoy the finer weather outdoors and breathe in the sights, sounds and smells of nature at its most verdant. But don’t overdo it in the Yang daytime heat as this can also create an internal energy imbalance. Avoid strenuous activity at the hottest time of the day, seek out shade, cover up appropriately and keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Your sleep pattern can also easily be disrupted in the hotter weather, which in turn can affect your daytime energy levels and mood, so ensure you sleep well by adjusting your bedroom environment to cope with the warmer summer nights.

3. Eat in harmony with the season

Introduce cooling Yin foods to your diet as a great way to re-balance and clear the excess Yang heat of summer, reduce toxins and replenish vital body fluids. Crunchy green salads are perfect, as are fish and seafood in moderation. Avoid meat and greasy foods and try to avoid the temptation of an extra glass of chilled beer or wine as alcohol can be very Yang and heating.

4. Learn, grow + have (more) fun

Just as nature reaches its fullest potential in the summer, take time to reflect on your life and create opportunities for continued personal and spiritual growth this summer. Use your holiday time to start a new hobby or broaden your horizons and face your fears by doing something out of your comfort-zone. You can also nurture your summer Heart Fire energy by bringing more joy and laughter into your life. Enjoy simple and silly fun by reminiscing with old friends, sharing extra playtime with the children, or watching a comedy for some belly-laughs to stimulate your Heart Qi.

5. Rebalance & harmonise with acupuncture

If you need an extra boost beyond your own self-healing regime, acupuncture can be particularly helpful if you’re sleeping badly, are more emotionally unsettled around the summer months, or have allergies such as hay fever, skin irritations or rashes that have suddenly flared up. All are typical symptoms of a excess Yang Fire energy that can be re-balanced easily and naturally with acupuncture to help restore your inner and outer summertime glow.

[You can listen to my extended Taoist teaching on Summertime Health and harmony here]

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Letting Go of Your Emotional Medals of Honour


When you choose to hold onto and carry forward the thoughts and beliefs of negative past events you are creating an energy or a ‘story’ that becomes very familiar as it repeats over and over from your childhood and formative years, right into your present.

It’s like letting your immature inner-child dictate and restrict your current authentic potential and the many possibilities of your adult life. This can never, EVER, be helpful or successful!…

You can listen to my full teaching here:

If the audio player above does not work you can also listen here.

You can read the full transcript of this teaching below:


Do you hold onto uncomfortable, painful memories from your past and believe these events define and limit you and your self-worth today?

This is a misunderstanding of your true Tao nature.

Do you believe that the historic actions of other people, events and circumstances, perhaps from many decades ago, are responsible for your current life situation or happiness?

This is a misunderstanding of your self-responsibility.

Are you using your past negative experiences like a ‘badge of honour’ or justification that excuses you from taking full ownership of your true authentic potential?

This too is a misunderstanding of your truth, honesty and integrity.

If you can recognise any of these patterns of thinking or beliefs, the good news is that there are valuable spiritual and life changing lessons for you to learn within these misunderstandings.…

When you choose to hold onto and carry forward the thoughts and beliefs of negative past events you are creating an energy or a ‘story’ that becomes so familiar as it repeats over and over from your childhood and formative years, right into your present. It’s like letting your immature inner-child dictate and restrict your current authentic potential and the many possibilities of your adult life.

If this seems familiar to you, RIGHT NOW you are still living that old tired story!

This can never, EVER, be helpful or successful!

I was reminded of this important spiritual teaching by an elderly gentlemen client several years ago. This man had strained his back whilst working on his allotment and visited Peak House Practice the first time for an acupuncture treatment.

He was a well presented, tall, distinguished man with white hair wearing a black blazer, white flannels and highly polished shoes, but the most striking thing about him was the extensive rows of medals and ribbons he was wearing across his chest.

I could not help but mention to him that I’d noticed his impressive array of medals, and this gave him the opportunity to explain the story and significance behind each one in turn.

As the stories continued the gentleman became more animated and creative in his descriptions of his acts of bravery and the memories of his friends and colleagues involved on the battlefields.

After hearing these wonderful inspiring stories and experiences we continued with the appointment as normal. The treatment proved to be successful and I have never seen or heard from him since, but my military gentleman did leave a very deep and lasting impression with me on many levels.

Certainly, the opportunity to speak with someone who could bring to life the experiences of the young men who fought with honour and pride for their country, was very moving and poignant to me.

The other thing that stuck with me was the question as to why he felt it was necessary to wear all his medals to such a mundane medical appointment.

It was very noticeable that, as he recited his obviously well-rehearsed stories, he became more relaxed, animated, even joking about the grossly horrific scenes, as if that was the way he dealt with his fear of loss or dying – was this familiarity a form of avoidance, or testimony of the horrors he had experienced?

One of my most important insights from this particular session comes from the way my gentleman client so keenly held onto the story and energy of these historic and poignant life events and displayed them in such a tangible and graphic way.

Although few of my clients have been exposed directly to the horrors of war, many do still carry with them challenging, painful and unresolved personal and emotional turmoil associated with their early years. Perhaps we could also think about these experiences as their own ‘emotional battles’.

These experiences vary in their nature and severity and may include things like childhood physical, emotional or sexual abuse; a perception of being unloved or rejected in some way by their parents; being bullied at school; or encountering a situation that caused unsettling feelings of injustice, unfairness or embarrassment.

My clients may not bear the physical scars or have the medals to show for the personal battles of  childhood and adolescent years yet many do continue to hold onto and re-live these experiences as their personal ‘medals of honour’, but this time through their familiar, yet misguided thoughts, words and actions.

When these habits become entrenched they can also manifest in the more physical signs of self-abuse or self-harm associated with excessive eating, drinking, and drug-taking… perhaps these are now the modern-day ‘medals of honour’?

Holding onto the energy of their personal stories means my clients remain stubbornly blocked and locked into their past. Their history defines who they are: it becomes the excuse and justification for their present AND the ‘get out of jail card’ for their non-authentic future.

Think for a moment: are you letting your past negative experiences shape the person you are today, the relationships you have, the work you do, and how you live your life?

Do you use the painful memories of past experiences as a familiar story or ‘comfort blanket’ that you can retreat to when faced with the unknown, unfamiliar or potentially emotionally painful situations?

Can you recognise any of the following patterns of thinking in your mind-set or the mind-set of those close to you?:

‘If it wasn’t for that happening, or what he or she did…. then I could get on with my life…’

‘I’m not good enough’

‘I can’t cope’

‘I’m unlovable’

‘He/She made me feel like this…’

‘I just can’t let it go…  I can’t forgive…’

‘Life is unfair – this always happens to me…’

‘I deserve this.’

‘I’m not worth it’.

Although the things that may have happened to you in the past are profound, uncomfortable and even horrific, they do not and should not define who you are today.

You are MUCH more than your past; you are a loved, you are love; you are a reflection of the magnificent Cosmos that you are a vital part of; there can be NO separation, just a divine Oneness!

As an adult you possess the blessings of free-will and choice. You can now choose whether to hold onto the energy of powerful or painful past experiences or whether to LET IT GO.

Remember it takes a great deal of effort to hold on… and this will NEVER be successful!

Through the practice of mindful meditation you can now choose to question, rebalance and heal any childhood misunderstandings associated with the painful emotional feelings you still experience today.

You can choose embrace the spiritual lessons offered by past experiences so you can learn and move on.

You can choose release the harmful core beliefs, thoughts and stories that you have carried with you, perhaps for many decades, so that they longer impact your adult life today.

You can choose to cast off the familiar yet limiting comfort blanket of the past and authentically step into the unknown, trusting that you are not judged for you past, but are loved, held and supported by a Universe of love and abundance.

Meditate and consider:

Are you carrying painful memories and experiences from the past that remain your story and ‘medal of honour’ today?

What benefit are they to you?

Do they stop you from reaching your true, authentic potential?

Who would you be without these ‘medals of honour’ and life stories?

Who controls your thoughts and beliefs?

What would it take for you to let go of your inauthentic and unhelpful thoughts and beliefs, and create your new story that reflects the positive and divine energy of who you really are …

How can begin to do this today?

You have free choice…. I believe in you… You can do it right NOW!

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Busting the Mindfulness Myth

Busting the Mindfulness Myth

Mindfulness can be used as an effective option for managing stress, anxiety and chronic pain, as well as boosting your mental clarity, productivity and enjoyment of life.

In this teaching I’ll tackle the three most common misunderstandings about Mindfulness meditation and will explain how the practice has radically transformed my life. You’ll also learn simple and practical ways to make Mindfulness part of your daily routine.

You can listen to my teaching here. There’s also a bonus guided Mindfulness meditation to help you relax and calm your mind at the end of this track! (*IMPORTANT: As this track contains a guided meditation please do not listen whilst driving or operating machinery):

If the audio player above does not work you can also listen here.

You can read the full transcript of this teaching below:


Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK this month focuses on how the practice of Mindfulness can boost your health and wellbeing. There has been a lot of talk about mindfulness in the media recently but many people still misunderstand what it involves and question its rewards and benefits.

I’m a huge fan of mindfulness and I’d like to expose the most common untruths about this practice and show you how easy, yet powerful it can be. But first I’d like to share a little about how I discovered mindfulness over 40 years ago and how it transformed my life…

My Mindfulness story

As a child, after the sudden and traumatic death of my father, I developed a profound stutter. After many years of unsuccessful speech and drug therapy my consultant finally told me there was nothing more that could be done for me and that I’d just have to learn to ‘live with it’.

Being told this as a teen I thought my life had come to an end. Desperate to find an alternative solution, by chance, I discovered meditation and the practice of mindful breathing. It took a few sessions to pick up the basics but, through the practice of mindfulness I learnt how to calm and still my thoughts and emotions that were so badly affecting my speech.

I now still practice mindfulness every day to manage my stutter and keep my mind calm and focussed rather than allowing my thoughts and my speech it to race ahead out of control as they used to. I am totally now liberated – mindfulness has set me free. I have taken back control of my life – my stutter does not control me.

Today, I am privileged to be able to pass on the same simple mindfulness techniques I first learnt so many years ago to my therapy clients and meditation students at Peak House Practice, as well as everyone I meet through my workshops and talks.

Practicing Mindfulness on a daily basis is a great way to take responsibility your mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing. The rewards of ‘living mindfully in the moment’ are huge and are increasingly well publicised and yet I do sometimes encounter reluctance and negativity when I first suggest mindfulness as a health maintenance practice.

So what stops someone from trying Mindfulness?

These are the most 3 most common reasons I hear:

‘Mindfulness meditation is religious – I’m just not into that’.

Mindfulness meditation is NOT a religious practice. You don’t have to have an understanding of or affiliation to any particular religious group or way of life to practice Mindfulness.

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (CMBT) and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction techniques (MBSR) are being scientifically and rigorously researched and developed at academic institutions around the world and the results confirm its many benefits.

Another common misunderstanding I hear is:

‘Mindfulness means emptying my mind or losing control of my mind – I just can’t do this or I won’t do this.’

Mindfulness is all about being in the moment and focussing within on the ‘here and now’. I’ve practiced mindfulness for several decades and I have not once emptied my mind of all thoughts or lost control – this is not the point, in fact it’s the complete opposite of this!

Being fully present in the moment means first going within: breathing deeply, calmly and rhythmically… notice your thoughts, allow a little time for them to still and settle, don’t let them rush ahead to the future or back to the past – bring them into the ‘now’. This may take a few moments or maybe longer – be patient, don’t rush – You’re worth it!

When you have found this inner calm, then you can then turn your attention to the outside world: notice your surroundings, let your mind and all your senses be fully stimulated by whatever is happening right here, right now, so that you can savour and appreciate every second of this moment and every moment.

You’re now practicing mindfulness. It’s this simple! …Which brings me onto the final untruth I often hear about mindfulness…

‘Mindfulness will take lots of time or I’ll need to be in a special environment – I just don’t have access to this’.

Mindfulness only requires as little as 5 to 10 minutes practice a day for you to begin to experience its rewards. You don’t need to attend special classes or undertake extensive training to practice mindfulness, although these can be great way for some to get you started, or to help you maintain the practice as an enjoyable and fun part of your weekly routine and meet like-minded people.

You certainly don’t need to meditate crossed legged for hours in a serene temple to achieve a state of mindfulness! Mindfulness can be practiced wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, at home, at work, by yourself or with family, friends or work colleagues, I’m doing it right now as I talk to you! You probably have already practiced mindfulness and don’t even realise it!

I’d like you to think about a time when you were totally in the flow or ‘zone’ of enjoying doing something, when you just lost track of time because you were so absorbed by what was happening in that moment. This could be when you’re out walking and enjoying nature, having fun with your children or playing a sport, listening to a piece of great music, doing some cooking or gardening, collaborating on an intensive project at work, or when learning an new skill or hobby.

It’s times such as these, when you’re fully engaged in what’s happening, when your mind is calm and focused, and you’re absorbing everything around you, that you’re being authentically ‘mindful’.

My point is: you can be mindful without even knowing it and actually this is what you should be aiming for during every moment of your day, not just for one hour a week in a meditation class!

A simple 5 minute Mindfulness technique

Mindfulness is an effective, drug free option for managing stress, anxiety and chronic pain. It will boost your mental clarity, productivity and more importantly, your enjoyment of life.

At first it can take a little practice to be able to calm and focus you mind so I’d like to now guide you through an introductory 5 minute mindfulness meditation and visualisation that will help you to do this. You can use this simple technique whenever you need to…

[you can listen my teaching + guided meditation via the audio player at the top of this post].

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The 3 Beliefs that Restrict Abundance in Your Life


In this teaching I’ll introduce you to the Taoist teaching on the Law of Attraction and the three beliefs, misunderstandings and myths that block abundance in your life and how you can overcome them.

You can listen to my teaching here:

If the audio player above does not work you can also listen here.

You can read the full transcript of this teaching below:


The phenomenon of the ‘Law of Attraction’ has had a renaissance in recent years and was most recently popularised in the 2006 book ‘The Secret’, with many other adaptations following this. You may, however, be surprised to learn that the ancient Taoists have taught the core philosophy of the Law of Attraction for many thousands of years.

This teaching was passed to me by the Chinese Master as: ‘Yi Tao Qi Tao’, or where your intention (Yi) flows (Tao), energy (Qi) flows. Put simply: the energy you convey through your beliefs, thoughts, words and actions will attract and harmonise similar energy or vibrations from the Cosmos. Like attracts like!

Through observing nature the ancient Taoists fully understood the action and flow of the pulsating life-force energy they label as Qi throughout the Cosmos. They observed that everything is a different vibration of energy and that energy cannot terminate or die, millennia before modern day science proved this to be true.

They taught that this miraculous energy is what intrinsically connects every single living thing into the Oneness of all there is, all there ever has been and all there ever will be, so that the human concept of linear time is meaningless once you grasp this eternal energetic concept.

Ancient Taoists understood how Qi energy naturally flows, harmonises and resonates just like the vibration of a musical note or chord. Equally, they recognised how Qi energy can be misdirected and stagnated through misguided human conscious and subconscious intention and misdirected physical action.

Through the practices of traditional Chinese medicine, Qigong meditation and Qigong healing, Taoists demonstrated how energetic restrictions of the spirit, mind and body can be dissolved and realigned, releasing the flow of Qi, and how this energy can be powerfully improved and cultivated for total health and wellbeing.

I use this same wisdom of the Tao every day with clients as I work with them to find and release their Qi energy stagnations and misunderstandings, whether it is within their physical body or the imbalanced patterns of their thinking and beliefs. Once these blocks are released the energy flows naturally and they reconnect and harmonise with the wider flow of positive energy and abundance throughout the Cosmos.

I’d like to share with you the three most common abundance blocking beliefs or myths related to this cosmic energy flow and Law of Attraction work.

Let me show you how to overcome these stagnations of mind-set so that you can begin to attract abundance, manifest your goals and reach your authentic potential and destiny right now!


Block 1: ‘I’m totally focussed on what I want in my life… but I secretly doubt myself’ 

You cannot LIE to yourself!

Being clear on the goals, people or situations you want to attract into your life is an important first step in ALIGNING your energy so that you create and communicate the appropriate energetic vibration to the wider Cosmos.

Once the goal setting work is done, many people think all you need to do then is to keep on working hard at trying to achieve these goals and that it doesn’t really matter if they secretly harbour doubts or concerns about whether they can achieve these goals or if they’re actually deserving of them.

This is incorrect thinking and it’s a fundamental misunderstanding as to how energy really works. 

What you SAY and DO to affirm and action your life goals must also be reflected 100% in your deeper THOUGHTS and core BELIEFS. 

If you doubt or have a lack of trust or belief in yourself or the Universe in any way this will always create a strong, energetic resistance that restricts the abundant flow of positive energy into your life. 

The key take away here is: ALIGNMENT of INTENTION, or what the Taoists call ‘YI’ .

Your actions, your words, your conscious thoughts and self-talk, and finally your subconscious beliefs, many of which you have carried with you since childhood, must all be aligned and work together in unison and harmony.

You should live your truth with clear, unequivocal and unwavering intention. This truth should run like a golden thread through EVERY part of the energy your express to the Universe without reservation, question or doubt!

For example: you tell friends and family you’d like to attract a great partner in your life, someone who respects and loves you for who you are, and perhaps you also action this by joining new social clubs to meet new people or even try online dating.

The problem is that, despite all these positive words and actions, DEEP DOWN you actually think and believe you’re not lovable and not worthy. This then this becomes the energetic vibration you send out to the Universe: that you’re not good enough and you’re not worthy. 

Without the full cooperation and harmonisation of your conscious thoughts and subconscious core beliefs you will NEVER attract what you seek. 

This is because your deeper thoughts and beliefs have the power and potential to override any positive words or actions. They are the ‘sat-nav’ that guides your life. They are in the driving seat of the vibration you send out to the Universe and others.

A misalignment between your personal goals and actions and your deeper core beliefs are also why positive affirmations often don’t work.

Creating and repeating positive affirmations can be an extremely powerful way of invoking the Law of Attraction and attracting what you want in your life but ONLY if they are used correctly! 

Affirmations will only ever work if you 100% BELIEVE what you are affirming. 

So my message is this: never to overlook the energetic power of your thoughts and beliefs. This is why when I work with my clients on the Law of Attraction we always dig down deep to check and ensure that their belief system is FULLY aligned with their life goals and the things they want to attract. 99.9% belief will NOT do!

This is the way of energy, this is the way of the Tao.


BLOCK 2: ‘The Universe or a Higher Power will decide what I need or deserve and will send it to me.’ 

You may be unclear or confused about your intention and what you want to manifest or you may express totally the opposite energetic vibration. When this happens it’s a misunderstanding to believe that, regardless of what energy send out, the Universe or a Higher Power has a greater intelligence that can somehow decipher and work out exactly what you want or need and offer it to you.

If you express the wrong vibration or mixed messages to the Universe is does not think ‘oh, I know better… I know what you need… you actually deserve to have this… even though you’re telling me you’re not worth it or you’re not good enough!

Remember, the Universe simply aligns and matches your vibration. 

This is how ALL energy works: it HARMONISES. 

A client who is an orchestra conductor at a music conservatoire once gave me a great teaching on this. He told me that if you had a tuning fork and a piano in the same room and you then stuck the tuning fork, when the tuning fork sounded and vibrated this would excite exactly the same note on the piano string and the two would vibrate in harmony together.

This is a phenomenon known as ‘sympathetic resonance’ and this is EXACTLY how all energy works. Whatever vibration you send out the Universe will just harmonise with that.

The aim therefore is to harmonise, just like a sailor adjusts and harmonises their voyage with the weather conditions, birds with air currents and fish with the flow of the river or sea.

This is the way of all nature, this is the way of the Tao.


BLOCK 3: ‘I need to get what I want before the next person takes it… and then I need to work hard to keep it.’ 

Universal and Cosmic energy is in abundance, there is no shortage or limitation. Thinking this way only blocks the flow of positive energy into your life. If you believe there is scarcity, there will be scarcity – this is what you will attract.

Many of my executive clients worry about their competitors, who they believe may steal their business ideas, prospects or clients, but this concern and doubt only serves to send out the wrong vibration to the Cosmos.

I teach them to stop worrying, strategising, comparing and analysing others, and start focusing all their intention on living and expressing THEIR truth and THEIR vision. 

The message is: be the best you can be, be uniquely YOU! 

For my executives this means gaining clarity on what makes them unique, and then cultivating and expressing this energetically through everything; from their company mission statement right down to the beliefs, opinions and actions of every member of staff, so everyone is working on and expressing the same vibration. I guess you could say this is “getting all your ducks lined up!

Only when this happens does the company send out a clear and strong collective vibration of who they are, what they stand for, and the type of projects and prospects they want to attract. Then they begin to manifest the clients who are right for them and attract them in abundance! 

Once you have manifested what you want into your life, you may think that you then need to work hard to keep it. Or perhaps you may fret that these positive achievements or successes will leave you, or that someone or something else will take them from you.

Again this is a misunderstanding about how energy works… 

All energy must be allowed to FLOW! 

Once you have received whatever it is you wanted to attract, whether it’s an exciting new job or great income, a beautiful home, a loving partner or family, you then also have to TRUST that the positive energy will continue to flow into and through your life.

If you start to doubt this flow and the abundance of the Cosmos or you begin to worry about losing these things, this will create an energetic block that will prevent other great stuff from entering your life.

Energy, whether in physical, material or emotional form, cannot and should not be held in one place, it has to flow. If it is artificially held over time it will fester and stagnate and you are now working AGAINST the Law of Attraction.

The key here is that you have to accept that sometimes the things you have attracted may enter and leave your life sooner that you’d anticipated for hoped for. In ALLOWING this flow to happen and continue as it should, you also remain open to receive fresh, new energy into your life.

This is the way of energy, this is the way of the Tao.


So in conclusion, when working on manifestation, attraction and abundance, think:






& FLOW… 

Yi Tao Qi Tao


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How to Trust Your Inner-Guide and Why it Matters


In this teaching I’ll introduce you to the Taoist understanding of the Inner-Guide and why it’s so important to connect to the profound spiritual knowledge and wisdom within you.

You can listen to my  teaching on ‘How to Trust Your Inner-Guide & Why it Really Matters’ here:

If the audio player above does not work you can also listen here.

You can read the full transcript of this teaching below:


Never doubt that you have a powerful, creative, supremely wise and resourceful Inner-Guide within.

Once you connect to and start a dialogue with this authentic spiritual force, life’s possibilities and potential become limitless.

So, why not get to know your Inner-Guide more intimately? 

An Inner-Guide is not the exclusive territory of a psychic, intuitive, devoutly spiritual or special person… 

The Taoists teach that you are already complete and whole – part of a greater Oneness. This means that no one is more special or deserving than the next person. YOU absolutely have the same opportunity to access your inner spiritual knowledge, IF you choose to do so.

Just accepting this teaching and truth without doubt brings you one step closer to connecting with your Inner-Guide.

There are many names for this inner guiding wisdom, but I believe they are all describing the same universal guiding energy… 

Don’t dismiss the concept of an Inner-Guide just because the name does not resonate with you.

Throughout the ages and across all cultures and societies there are many terms that try to capture and define this magical and profound spiritual energy, knowledge and potential within every human being.

I refer to my Inner-Guide from the Taoist perspective as: ‘the Sage’. Here are some names or concepts that may feel more comfortable or familiar to you: intuition, gut-feeling, instinct, inner-truth, inner-voice, inner-knowing, spirit-guide, guiding angels, higher-self, higher-vibration, or simply ‘being in the zone’.

Whatever you choose to call it, your Inner-Guide is 100% PART of YOU – it’s NOT separate from you… 

The Taoists teach that you are made up from Yin spirit energy and Yang human energy, and that the Yang energy includes the energy of your mind, body and emotions.

You come from spirit energy, you will go back to spirit energy, whatever you believe that spirit energy to be, and therefore you are spiritual energy expressed in human form.

It is the Yin spirit energy that is your Inner-Guide and your direct connection to your cosmic source. In human form this energy remains a vital part of the essence of who you are – you could say it’s your authentic self.

No one can give this spirit energy to you and, no matter what happens to you in your life, no one can EVER take it from you.

You never lose this powerful connection to the Cosmos, but you can choose to ignore or doubt it!

Taoist philosophy teaches that the authentic spiritual truth, guidance and answers you are seeking in any life situation should always come from that Yin Spirit or Inner-Guide WITHIN YOU, and not from someone or something else.

This understanding may require a profound paradigm shift in your thinking and beliefs as it means that YOUR spiritual truth will NEVER be sourced from external places or people…

– Your truth is NOT found in other people’s opinions

The views of those family and friends close to you or guidance from teachers or ‘gurus’ should never be followed without question or debate.

Other people, no matter how authentic and loving their intentions may be, can only communicate and pass on their experiences and their truth. You must remember that this may not necessarily be YOUR journey or truth.

Others can inspire you to find your path but no one else can give you your answers – they are only found within you.

– Your truth is NOT found in material things 

You should not become a follower or a slave to material things just because they may give you a short term feel-good factor. Taoists teach this as ‘the well that quickly runs dry’. It will never be a sustainable source of spiritual nourishment.

– Your truth in NOT found in external Gods, Goddesses, Divine Beings, Higher Powers or Angels 

Taoist philosophy teaches that these spiritual concepts exist, but in so far as they live WITHIN YOU. You are at ‘One’ with these and every other energetic entity in the Cosmos.

To believe that such spirit presences are somehow separate from you, or on a higher or more advanced level to you, is a spiritual misunderstanding.  These are all terms that refer to the same magnificent spiritual energy that manifests through your Yin Spirit and Inner-Guide.


So why should you make your Inner-Guide your best friend? 

BENEFIT #1: You become more balanced and harmonious and in your ‘flow

Taoists teach that you can view your Yin Spirit as a ‘Guiding Mother’ energy, whose role is to manage the more child-like, immature and excitable energy of your human Yang Mind, also referred to as your ‘Inner-Child’.

When balanced harmoniously together your Yin and Yang energies,  the Inner-Guide and the Inner-Child, makeup the beautiful oneness and wholeness of you – you can be both at the same time.

The Yang energy of your mind and Inner-Child can be positively animated, creative and forceful – all of which are great qualities if correctly balanced and harnessed.

If, however, you’re the energy of your Yang Mind is not guided and harmonised correctly, in its extreme form it can also manifest as the fearful and scared thinking of your Inner-Child, and the critical, judgemental, doubting and controlling thoughts of your unbalanced, inauthentic Yang Ego Mind.

If left unchecked, this energetic imbalance gives rise to uncomfortable emotional feelings that I call ‘red lights’. These are more commonly labelled as stress, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, and many of the other emotional health issues that I work with on a daily basis with my clients at Peak House Practice. 

This is where your Inner-Guide can come to the rescue! 

When you’re suffering from an energetic imbalance like this you need to first remember that your Yang Mind and Inner-Child is NOT your enemy. It just wants to protect you and keep you safe from the unknown. It requires love, reassurance, guidance and education from your Yin Mother energy.

When your human and spirit energies can co-operate and harmonise, balanced is restored.

This is why starting a dialogue with your Inner-Guide and spirit centre is so important, particularly during challenging life situations. 

This dialogue will allow you to manage and balance your Yang energy and fearful Inner-Child, which would otherwise go into extreme overdrive and out of balance when presented with uncertain, unfamiliar or challenging learning situations.

When you’re able to nurture your Inner-Child so that both Yin and Yang energies are harmonised you achieve the blissful state of ‘Wu Wei’.  This is the amazing state of ‘flow’ enabling you to live your life in your ‘sweet-spot’ of effortless-effort and unique happiness. 

BENEFIT #2: You create a powerful spiritual connection to the Cosmos that is waiting to support you. 

Connecting to and being receptive to your Inner-Guide means that you are open to your softer Yin Spirit nature and the energetic thread that connects you back to your spiritual source.

When you start to pay attention to and work with your Inner-Guide and the Yin Spirit essence within you, it’s like plugging yourself into a spiritual power point of unlimited energy.

When you reconnect the supporting and loving energy of the Cosmos flows into and through you IMMEDIATELY!

You don’t have to wait or earn this support or love. The Cosmos does not pass judgement on whether you are worthy or deserving.

The positive energy just flows.

This is what the Taoists refer to as ‘Yi Tao Qi Tao’ also known as the ‘Law of Attraction‘.

This connection is your birth-right.

This is the way of nature.  This is the way of the TAO.


How to tune your Inner-Guide right now + the Number 1 mistake to avoid

The best way to connect to your Inner-Guide is to take 10 -15 minutes out of your day and find a quiet place where you won’t be distracted or disturbed. Allow yourself time to relax and clarify your mind and then meditate on the situation, issue or question you want guidance on.

Be patient. Allow the thoughts and ideas of your Inner-Guide to arise from within you.

You may sense a little resistance to this process at first, but be open-minded and kind to yourself as you start this dialogue with your Inner-Guide.

Many clients tell me they don’t know the difference between the voice of their Yin authentic spiritual Inner-Guide and that of their Yang Ego Mind or fearful Inner-Child.

This is a critical question and it’s where many people can become unstuck or disillusioned with this process. 


So how DO you know the difference between your Yin spiritual Inner-Guide and your Yang Ego Mind?  

The answer is that your Yang Ego Mind will always talk AT YOU but your Yin Inner-Guide will always speak from WITHIN YOU. 


TIP #1: Be mindful of the thoughts and words that arise when you start this inner-dialogue.

Never confuse the scared, doubting, critical and judgemental voice and self-talk of your out-of-balance Yang Ego Mind with the softer, calmer, loving voice of your Yin Inner Truth.

Your Yang Ego Mind will strive for perfection and will seek certainty of outcomes. It will want to protect you by boldly rushing in with answers and solutions as it tries to gain control of people and events in your life.

By contrast, your Yin Inner-Voice is more accepting, trusting, loving and open to change. It knows that it cannot and should not manipulate external situations. It understands that the only thing that it should seek to master is within. It trusts that life solutions and opportunities will be revealed in good time and remains open to receive these blessings.

Can you now begin to spot the difference between the qualities of your Yang Ego Mind and the voice of your Yin Spirit and Inner-Guide?


TIP #2: Your sensations, feelings and emotions are also great guide.  

When you call upon your Inner-Guide, if what you hear back creates fearful, negative and uncomfortable sensations or emotions (‘red lights’) within you, then you know it’s your Yang Ego Mind talking at you.

By contrast, if the messages or thoughts that arise create feelings of peace, positive outcomes or resolutions, hope, satisfaction or joy, then you know you’re tuned into the true spiritual Inner-Guide within you.


So, I hope you can now start to nurture a great relationship with your Inner-Guide and Yin Spirit energy.

Make time today to start a dialogue with your Inner-Guide, the voice of your greatest and wisest supporter and ally.

Choose to connect to this powerful spiritual truth and potential within you.

Yi Tao Qi Tao


David will be running workshops on how to work with your Inner-Guide: ‘Tao Dialogues – A Conversation with the Sage’ in March and April in the UK. More details can be found here


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The Chinese Year of the Sheep

Chinese New Year-2015-Year-of-the-Sheep

Just a short post to wish you all ‘Kung Hei Fat Choi‘ ….Happy Chinese New Year!

Today we leave behind the tumultuous Chinese Year of the Horse and welcome the Year of the Sheep (or Ram).

According to ancient Chinese astrology the next 12 months will reflect the sheep’s more docile nature and will bring a calming and settling of life energy. So let’s celebrate a gentler and more contemplative year ahead – breath deep and relax…

Yi Ta Qi Tao


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